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About Legacy Fire & Safety

Established in 2006, Legacy Fire & Safety has been proudly serving the Lower mainland for over a decade.

fire hose testing

A holistic approach to fire equipment testing

Our number 1 goal has always been and will continue to be your safety. We are constantly evolving our testing techniques to ensure your system is always functioning at peak efficiency.

Get Proven advice from a team of fire prevention experts

Our team has been honing their craft for many years. We continue to learn everyday and would love to pass our knowledge onto you, our customer. If you ever have a question we are only a phone call away.

Jason General Manager


general manager

Jason has been with Legacy since the early years. He started out knowing very little about this industry but has grown into well rounded technician. As the General Manager he’s taken one new duties and rolls within the business and is excited for the challenges that lay ahead.

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A holistic approach to fire prevention consulting

Frequently asked questions about Fire Prevention Consulting

How often should our equipment be inspected?

All equipment is required a minimum inspection cycle of once a year. NFPA & B.C. code do have regulations for equipment to be tested from daily to semi-annually. Give our office a call to learn more.

How often should we change our smoke alarms?

Smoke alarms by code have to be changed every ten (10) years. See Smoke Alarm Bulletin dated July 3, 2012 from the Office of the Fire Commissioner, Emergency Management, B.C.

How long should my emergency lighting last?

These lights are designed for immediate evacuation in the event of a power outage. Depending on your premise type they are meant to last ½-2 hours. They are not designed to stay running the entire time your power is out.

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What our clients are saying

"I would highly recommend Legacy Fire Safety, they are very professional and reliable. They have never let me down, either with any information I have required or services needed to maintain a very old hall. Jason & Devon always have been there when we have needed them."

~ Tracy Scott, Manager, Fort Langley Community Hall.

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