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Fire Protection Services

Over ten years of providing fire protection products and services with honesty, integrity—the backbone of our business.

There is nothing more frustrating then losing faith in your service provider. At Legacy Fire & Safety Inc. we strive to be a leading example of our industry. We only install the best products on the market and we install them the right way.

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Fire Alarm systems and Testing

Are your bells ringing? Do you know if that smoke detector is still detecting?

Every year your fire alarm system requires annual testing. At Legacy Fire & Safety, we test to the strictest standards outlined by CAN/ULC S536-13. We will make sure all aspects of your system are fully functional and operating correctly.

Fire sprinkler systems and testing

The best way to stop a fire is with an automatic fire sprinkler system.

There are many different kinds of systems that help protect all different buildings & equipment. The most commons are a dry & wet sprinkler system which can be found in many commercial & multi-tenant buildings.

Fire extinguishers and testing

What is the first thing you think of when you think about Fire & Safety?

The fire extinguisher is always the fire thing thought about and for good reason, they help save lives. Helping to put out small fires or helping you escape a burning build, they are an important piece of fire equipment that needs to be inspected and serviced yearly.

Emergency lighting testing

Are your lights working?

Every year these lights help people escape from the dark. When the powers out you want to make sure you can get out safely. All emergency lighting is required to be tested yearly by a certified technician.

Fire hydrant testing

As per NFPA 25 your fire hydrant should be inspected every year.

We only use the best equipment to ensure your hydrant is working as efficiently as it should.

Backflow preventer testing

Help protect your water!

All though there has never been a major incident in Canada, many places in the United States have been greatly impacted from chemical and other toxins getting into their cities potable water supply. This is why it is so important to have your backflow preventer tested by a qualified and trust-worthy company.

Fire alarm verifications

Has your fire alarm system been altered? Did you install a new fire system?

A verification of operation is required by a 3rd party. All of our verifications are a completed to the highest standard as set forth my CAN/ULC S537-13.

Fire pump testing

When your sprinkler system is required, you want to know that you have the right amount of water to help extinguish that fire.

In areas where pressure is low or in high-rises, a fire pump is required to give the system that extra PSI. Every year a flow test is required to ensure an adequate pressure is maintained.

Maple Armor Distributor

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Maple Armor was founded in 2011 in Montreal, Quebec. Maple Armor is a leading fire alarm firm that designs & manufactures intelligent fire alarm panels that can be used in a wide variety of buildings. All products are UL & ULC listed.

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